The Water Behind Us: An Archive for a New World (First Press)

$20.00 - $30.00 Sold Out

Our first Porch Water Press publication, "The Water Behind Us" is exactly as the tagline says - an archive for a new world. Featuring 36 Black, Indigenous, Latine, Queer, Trans, Low-Income, and otherwise marginalized writers, film makers, artists, and musicians from around the world, "The Water Behind Us" is an exploration of the many waters that connect us, the waters we've traveled and been stolen across, the waters we protect and swim against, the waters we sing to under a full moon. Featuring 90 full color pages of writing, art, film, music, and more, come with us as we honor the water and her many mysteries.

To make this as accessible as possible, we're offering a sliding scale model!

Tier 1 - $20 - for low income folks, under the full production cost
Tier 2 - $25 - full price for the book!
Tier 3 - $30 - for folks who feel moved to contribute a little extra!

Porch Water Press is entirely run by Black queer women and entirely community funded, so your contribution is going right back into our hard work to archive of our beautiful past, present, and futures!